​​​​​​​I'm Russell Wadlin, a versatile Designer specializing in identity systems, logos and branding with more than 10 years of experience.​​​​​​​ Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trained in the arts but don’t call me an artist. I am a person that solves problems artfully. I am a designer.
I was a “pro” BMXer in a previous life. Now, I just love bikes in general. The intense focus and drive to be a competent, creative and unique bike rider now expresses itself in my thinking, design and process.
I ask questions, get to the root of problems and desires, creatively strategize and execute solutions.

“If you can design one thing, you can design everything.”
―Massimo Vignelli
People think I'm awesome...
I have worked with Russell on multiple projects with varied mediums and budgets and no matter the goal, he has been able to produce professional work through his experience and research. His approach to fulfilling my needs has been refreshing and productive as he always begins by trying to understand what I need through what feels right to me rather than to him. Russell alleviated many common obstacles by doing things like working with me via Skype/phone, being flexible regarding when we could collaborate, adjusting/modifying deliverables to align with changing expectations, and being easy to communicate with overall. He listens as well as engages and eventually becomes just as invested in the project as you are. The shared passion that his process creates is what makes working with Russell so special. I trust that Russell will be able to take whatever dream I have and make it a reality. —Mike Hinkens · Imprimatur
Russell's process challenged us to get more specific about our own project and was an investment of time up-front that paid dividends long term. He made us think about what we were doing that was unique and set us apart from our competitors. After we answered those questions, his work could really reflect our event, creating a brand that represents us. —Amy Brice, HER Voice
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