I know how to help new brands start up and old brands start over.
You are an underdog. You are unknown and unexpected. You are embarrassed by generic, ineffective branding. You have no clarity which has you moving an inch in all directions. You are overwhelmed and understaffed. Being the underdog sucks. If you're here it should not surprise you that I can help.
Russell's approach to fulfilling my needs has been refreshing and productive as he always begins by trying to understand what I need through what feels right to me rather than to him. He listens as well as engages and eventually becomes just as invested in the project as you are. The shared passion that his process creates is what makes working with Russell so special.
—Mike Hinkens • Imprimatur
My mission is to help underdogs, the good guys like you, to realize their full potential. I know how to make your brand remarkable and distinctive, your objectives clear and defined, and your efforts impactful and efficient.
Russell's process challenged us to get more specific about our project and was an investment of time up-front that paid dividends long term. He made us think about what we were doing that was unique and set us apart from our competitors. After we answered those questions, his work could reflect our event, creating a brand that represents us.
—Amy Brice • HER Voice
Everyone likes to see the good guys win. I'm here to make it a fair fight.